'The incarnation of Jeff Porcaro...with a touch to match!'

Nando's Favourites


Band - The Beatles
Drummer - Andy Newmark
Beatles Album - Abbey Road
Non Beatles Album - The Royal Scam - Steely Dan
Pop Song - Baker Street Gerry Rafferty
Guitarist - Allan Holdsworth
Bass Player - Mark King
Jazz Pianist - Bill Evans
Male Vocalist - Gerry Rafferty
Female Vocalist - Barbra Streisand

Song I Wished I Played Drums On - Wuthering Heights Kate Bush
Actor - Al Pacino
Movie - A Bronx Tale
Live Concert - Level 42 At Royal Albert Hall 2001
Comedian - Rodney Dangerfield
British Comedy - Love Thy Neighbour
Football Team - Aston Villa
Football Match - Italy 3 Brazil 2 - 1982 World Cup ( Italy won the tournament!!)
All-time Football Player - Michel Platini
All-time Tennis Player - Byorn Borg 



  • The P word is not practice, practice, practice but play, play, play.
  • Be meticulous with every note you play and be thankful for the opportunity to play it.
  • Pay peanuts, get monkeys. Advice for band managers.
  • The worst thing that can happen when filling in for another drummer is the band telling me at the end of the night how well I played and how much feel I have compared to their regular drummer.


  • Someone who owns recording equipment is not necessarily an engineer.
  • I don't trust the musical opinion of anyone who can't play a C major scale( 2 octaves!)
  • I once played for a "famous" singer who did not utter a single word to me. After I discovered that I was filling in for his brother it all made sense.
  • Self discipline is a must to survive. A sense of humour helps as well.
  • The most solid backbeat in drumming belongs to Andy Newmark. Listen to Lennon's Double Fantasy or Roxy Music's Avalon before you think you disagree.
  • There are no limits to learning. If you are good you strive to be better.


  • A teenage friend of mine told me that Jon Farriss of INXS was his all-time favourite drummer. I couldn't take anything he said seriously after that.  
  • Studying with Chad Wackerman made me realise how many drummers in Sydney are "just pretending".  
  • I studied common sense more than I studied drumming.  
  • My favourite part of my drumset are my invoices.  
  • The music industry is based on favours. Unfortunately, many of the people I have played alongside have short memories.  
  • The best thing about being a mediocre drummer is that you are always at your best. 


Here is a collection of people that I have met, been introduced to or had a lengthy chat with over many years (in no particular order) except that Julian Lennon was the most impressive as he did not just want to speak about himself and I spoke with him for nearly two hours.

Julian Lennon
Mark King (Level 42)
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys)
Eric Singer (Kiss)
Richard Lush (Engineer on The Beatles Revolver and Sgt Peppers)
Rod Stewart
Manny Elias (Drummer Tears For Fears, Julian Lennon)
Simon Phillips ( Drummer The Who, Toto)
Leo Sayer
Andy Newmark (Drummer John Lennon, George Harrsion, Roxy Music)
Louie Shelton (Guitarist The Monkees, Seals and Crofts)
Allan Holdsworth (Jazz Rock Guitarist)
Chad Wackerman (Drummer Frank Zappa, Barbra Streisand)
Gary Husband ( Drummer Level 42, John McLaughlin)
Mike Lindup ( Keyboards Level 42)
Jimmy Johnson ( Bass Player James Taylor, Allan Holdsworth)
John Robinson (Drummer Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones)
David Palmer (Drummer ABC, Rod Stewart)
Billy Cobham ( Drummer Mahavishnu Orchestra)
Gavin Harrison (Drummer Level 42, Porcupine Tree)
Ricky Lawson (Drummer Steely Dan)
Liam Genockey (Drummer Steeleye Span, Gerry Rafferty)
Martin Elliott (Bass Player Michael Nyman Band)
Vinnie Colaiuta (Drummer Sting, Frank Zappa)

Favourite Quotes


'Women and musicians first!'

'It's been a pleasure trying to play with you'

'The older I get the better I was'

'Is that the banjo player Porsche parked outside?'

'Please write all song requests on the back of a $50 dollar note'

'Most producers - "that was perfect, lets do one more'