Drum Lessons in Leichhardt with One of Australia’s Best

If you are a drum enthusiast in Leichhardt looking for a passionate, talented, and dedicated drum teacher to help you bring your drumming to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. 

Enjoy one-on-one drum lessons with one of Australia’s most prolific and sought-after musicians and drum teachers, Nando Pettinato. 

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Drum classes to challenge any drummer

Getting good at drumming is about starting classes young and sticking with it. Whether you’re looking for a dedicated and patient teacher to offer guidance for your child as they’re picking up drumming, or you’re in a band and eager to take on more advanced drum parts, Nando can help you. He welcomes beginners and amateurs alike into his classes.

With a focus on the Moeller technique, Nando instils in his students a fluid and natural playing style. His students continue to be receive recognition and awards at competitions across Sydney.

To make your drum classes more convenient, Nando is a mobile teacher – he can travel to your Leichhardt home or school to tutor you in one-on-one lessons. If you’re not living in Leichhardt, but perhaps find yourself in Balmain or surrounds, you might still be able to book in lessons with Nando.

The passionate drum teacher

Drums, perhaps more than any other instrument, are divisive. They’re noisy when you practice and beginners can sound messy when they’re first starting out. But, while some people can’t stand it, there’s some – like us – who simply can’t get enough of it. Are you like Nando, who couldn’t help but drum the beat of his favourite songs with his fingers, with sticks, and with anything else within reach until he finally got his hands on a drum set? When you secure drumming lessons with Nando, you secure one-on-one time with a drumming aficionado who’s played with the best and has learned with the best.  

With more than a thousand performances under his belt, Nando helps beginners and more experienced students excel across a range of musical styles, from pop to rock, jazz, funk, and odd-times with a focus on technique, reading, independence, and co-ordination. Whether you know exactly what sort of musical style you wish to focus on, or you’d like to work with a musician who can help coach and inspire your growth, Nando is the teacher for you.

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  To learn more about what we can do for you (or your child) feel free to reach out to our drum school today. Nando continues to grow the talent of his students with his diligence, patience, and musical talent. Reach out today on 0412 076 213 or fill in our quick enquiry form to discuss your needs, to book in a beginners lesson, or to have questions answered.